The Key is We

Welcome to Kiwi Plum, by Mariah Woodson! There is a story behind each and every one of us. We are our stories. Finding a way to connect with women through the art of storytelling is influential within itself. The struggle of self acceptance with my body due to a scar drove me down this journey of designing swimwear. Kiwi Plum’s swimwear serves ladies who simply desire a bit more coverage while relaxing by the poolside or strolling along the beach. Our styles cater to a diverse group of beauties. Wherever you are in your travel throughout life, you are fully supported. EveryBODY deserves to feel one hundred percent comfortable and flirtatious while rocking swimwear. 
From sporty, to surfer chic, vintage, or traditional, Kiwi Plum provides a versatile selection of styles to it’s customers.
Each piece is sold separately, so beauties, mix and match each top & bottom to tell your story. Also, transition some of these pieces from the beach, to the gym, and even the streets with jeans, and shorts! Kiwi Plum encourages women to be who you want to be, unapologetically! Our greatest Power comes when we Love, Uplift, and Motivate one another to do extraordinary things (P.L.U.M). Celebrate experiences, embrace who you are, and love your body, for it tells an alluring story. Live to motivate others with uplifting and revitalizing words, while sharing your testimony with the world. Whats your story? Click "My Story" to hear mine!

With love,